All about the Sloes

About the SloesThe fresh Sloes ( Prunus Spinosa ) that we use to make our Sloe Gin come from deep within the wild  countryside.

The Sloes are handpicked by my team of dedicated pickers from hedges that are free from traffic so are clean and unbattered by passing vehicles.

Once handpicked and carefully selected by the Sloe Seduction Founder they are added to the Gin. Then we lock it away in darkness and let the Gin slowly infuse the Sloes.

After some time ( the some time bit is a trade secret! ) we drain off the Sloe Gin and let it sit – longer the better – then it is used to make all the chocolates and mousse and other products available.

Quality Control is currently carried out by the Founder and she is sorry to say there are currently no vacancies for Quality Control – sorry!